Here you will find information about what it means to be a senior at Upland’s nation, what is required to become a senior and how to be selected as a senior. Being a senior at Upland’s nation is an honorable appointment regulated in the nation’s statutes.

Senior of Upland’s nation owns lifetime membership in the nation. On presentation of a senior card, seniors have free access to the nation’s pubs and clubs. Senior cards also give the right to bring a guest who does not have a national card.

Senior cards can be collected from the first counselor during office hours.

As a senior, you can also participate in the meetings of the seniors’ college. At the meetings, the seniors decide on recommendations to the province regarding the election of, among other things, seniors and honorary members.

The senior college meets once per semester. The meeting is then rounded off with a dinner for the participants and other guests.

Calendar Spring Semester 2024

9 march
Seniors collage with subsequent generation dinner

20 april
GT-tasting with Jonas and Jan
Apply to [email protected]

Last of april
For Uplands nation’s seniors. Seniors may bring a guest but the guests need to pay entry fee. Entry fee will go towards renovating the iron fence down towards Sysslomansgatan.

6 june
National-step with the seniors colleague. A bike trip with picknick and Mölky.

5:1 Senior

A compatriot who has been a member of the nation for at least six semesters and who has made meritorious contributions to the nation and who is known for integrity and good judgment can be chosen as a senior.

5:2 Suggestions to senior

Proposals for seniors must be submitted in writing to the first curator no later than two weeks before the seniors college. Proposals must contain personnel and justification. The senior college must give an opinion on such a proposal. If the senior college with a two-thirds majority approves the proposal, it must be submitted to the next county for a decision.

The seniors meet through the seniors college which is regulated in the nation’s statutes chapter 8 section 5. The seniors college meets once per semester or when 10 seniors request a meeting.

Optional senior Fee

As a senior it is encouraged, but not forced, to provide a fee of 300kr. Paymen information is on the frontpage.

As a previous member you always have the right to resume your membership. The advantage of this is that you get an invoice every semester automatically. The reduced membership fee is at the moment set to 295 kr per semester. To resume your membership, contact first curator.

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