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Why should you apply for a position at Uplands nation?

Running for office is one of the best ways to become part of the nation and its community and traditions.

There are positions for all sorts of tastes and levels of involvement – from helping out in the cafe to leading a committee in the nation.

You can read about our positions in our published documents.

How do I apply for a position?

You can apply for a position through the contact form below, or by sending an email to [email protected]

In order to apply for a position, you need to be a member of the nation. Your application should be submitted one week before the next Landskap meeting so that the Election committee can prepare the election.

The first time you are elected to a position, the nation’s Election committee will contact you for an interview.

If you have applied for a position, it is always nice if you present yourself at the upcoming Landskap meeting, but it is not a requirement.

What positions are available?

Fika Host (4 pos.) during VT2024

Club Master (4 pos.) during VT2024

Head Waiter (1 pos.) during VT2024

Pub Host (5 pos.) during VT2024

Kitchen Chief (2 pos.) during VT2024

Rental Manager (1 pos.) during VT2024

Pea Host (2 pos.) during VT2024

International Secretary (1 pos.) during VT2024–HT2024

Keeper of the Minutes (1 pos.) during HT2023–VT2024

Recentiors Host (1 pos.) during VT2024–HT2024

Editor (2 pos.) during VT2024

Game Master (1 pos.) during VT2023–HT2023

Spex Master (2 pos.) during VT2024–HT2024

Gardener (1 pos.) during VT2024–HT2024

Member of the Board (2 pos.) during VT2024–HT2025

Head of the Election Committee (1 pos.) during HT2023–VT2024

Member of the Election Committee (1 pos.) during VT2023–HT2023

Scholarship Secretary (1 pos.) during VT2024–HT2024

Member of the Scholarship Committee (2 pos.) during VT2023–HT2023

Treasurer (1 pos.) during HT2023–VT2026

Submit your application:

    Ordinary elections and by-elections

    Offices are filled in the province by the members of the nation.

    A by-election occurs when a position is not filled at an ordinary election in one of the nation’s Landskap meetings.

    Do you have any questions?

    If you have any questions, you are welcome to write to [email protected] or [email protected].

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