Contact us

First curator

Love Ramstedt

The First Curator administrates membership, sign-up for gasks and is the general contact person for the nation.

Phone: 070 16 28 701
Email: [email protected]

Second curator

Gustaf Wilén

The Second Curator handles the nation economy, the nation house and our member accommodations.

Phone: 070 16 28 702
Email: [email protected]

Third curator

Marcos Zaffari

The Third Curator handles the alcohol serving permit and is in charge of activities, like clubs, brunch etc. 

Phone: 070 16 28 703
Email: [email protected]

Kitchen master

Daniela Romero

The kitchenmaster is in charge of everything related to food and hygiene at the nation.

Phone: 070 16 28 704
Email: [email protected]

Pub master

Georgios Panayiotou

The pubmaster is in charge of our pub activities.

Phone: 070 16 28 705
Email: [email protected]

Rental manager

Nicolas Malet

Our rental manager is responsible for anything concerning rentals. This is the email to contact if you want to rent the nation for an event. 

Email: [email protected]

the nation board

Email: [email protected]


Björn Victor

Head of Election committee


Culture chief

Nicolas Malet

Email: [email protected]


Nicolas Malet

Equality officer

Matina Roussou

International secretary

Claudia Martinez Alquézar

Nicolas Malet

Recentior hosts

Sandro Lohajner

Johanna Larsson

Isaac Westerman

John Sjögersten Turner

Information chief

Sophia Tillgren

UNB editor

Sufiyan Momin

Tayebba Khan


Sebastian Sjöblom
Ivan Sharankov


Michal Brehmer


Johanna Larsson

head of discordia

Elin Näsström