Become a member

With around 2400 Members Uplands nation is a “lagom” big nation. We offer a perfect balance between culture and entertainment that helps you make the most of your time in Uppsala. Besides discounts and studyplaces, we also offer scholarships and housing for our members. 

How to become a member
To join Uplands nation you need to be registered to, or accepted to Uppsala University or any other university in Uppsala. You can become a member by stopping by our registration, visit our First Qurator Love during his office hours, or online here.
Please note that if you register online you still have to come by the nation to get authorised. 

Do you have an question about the membership or the nation you can contact the first qurator on [email protected] Do you have any question about being an international student in Uppsala you can contact our international secretaries that are here to help you. You can reach them on [email protected]

Here is an infovideo, made by our reccehosts and international secretaries in the spring of 2021. 

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