Every semester, Uplands Nation advertises a number of scholarships. As a member, you are eligble to apply for these. 

Scholarships HT 2023
Scholarship form

Nation Scholarships Autumn 2023

Last day of application is 5:th December 2023

Application forms are available at the curator’s office during office hours and at

Only one form needs to be submitted even if applying for all scholarships. Applications can be submitted in the green box in the curator’s office, in the mail box or posted to:

Uplands nation
Scholarship Secretaries

S:t Larsgatan 11
753 11 Uppsala

When applying for scholarships, please note the following:

Applicants must be full-time students at Uppsala University or another university or college, depending on what is specified in the requirements. Provide written documentation of any qualifications you want to invoke.

Enter all your study results (credits) and clearly indicate the number of semesters of full time or part time university or college studies, as well as any interruptions in your studies.

The so-called scholarship ceiling, which regulates that a student can not hold smaller scholarships from the University or the nation to an amount exceeding the ceiling, currently SEK 38.000/ year. (Scholarships covering tuition fees for exchange students do not count toward the ceiling.)

Students who have full educational grants for postgraduate studies or an equivalent income (currently SEK 200 000 / year) are not eligible to apply for these scholarships.

Application forms not signed, as well as those that are incomplete, illegible or incorrectly completed will not be processed.

Application forms from those who do not receive scholarships will be destroyed. Submit the bank account to which funds should be paid if you are awarded a scholarship.

Application forms from those who do not receive scholarships will be thrown away.

Submit the bank account to which funds should be paid if you are awarded a scholarship.

If you have questions, please contact the Scholarship Secretaries at [email protected]

Those who receive scholarships will be notified by mail.

The following scholarships are announced for the autumn semester 2023.

Selma Appeqvists, 3 years

Law student from Uplands nation, born in Uppsala. Diligent and needy. Appointed by the inspector on the proposal of the scholarship board.

Doris and Gustav Holmgrens, 1 year

One or several scholarships are provided after application to a student at Uppsala University belonging to Uplands Nation who are pursuing advanced studies (at least C-level) with preference enjoyed by someone studying medieval history or Northern European archeology.

Fredrik Laurells, 3 years with right to prolongation 1 or 2 years

Student of Uplands nation. A promising and dedicated student who are successfully studying botany. Preference is enjoyed by one who also is descendant of Fredrik Laurell and his wife Sofia, born Rudelius.

Thure Ringers, 3 years

Penniless, good-natured and studious student of philosophy of the Upland nation. Appointed by the inspector on the proposal of the scholarship board.

Bertha and Idolf Rosengrens, 1 year one payment

Seven equal scholarships are provided to needy, talented, dedicated male students of theology or of the arts and sciences, preferably known for being God-fearing and for good conduct, studying at Uppsala university and belonging to Uplands nation. Students of philosophy shall have classical languages (Classical Greek or Latin) or history or philosophy as their main subject (at least 60 credits) and students of theology shall have church history (ecclesiology and/or studies in church and mission and/or history of Christianity) or history of religion or biblical exegesis (Bible studies) as their main subject (at least 60 credits). Preference is held by a relative who meets the criterias above. The scholarship can be held by the same person for a maximum of three to five years depending on the results of the studies. If you were granted a Rosengren scholarship fall 2018 that does not prevent you from applying spring 2019 


Sandrews, 1 year 

Member of Uplands nation who in a great deal has made artistic contributions to the nations. Preference is held by those born, raised or since five years are living in the Vendel parish and are successfully pursuing academic studies. The scholarship can be divided between several applicants, but not if any of them as a ”Vendelian” are enjoying preference. The scholarship can be received by the same person a maximum of three times. 


Simlins, 3 years

Member of Uplands nation. Needy, dedicated and with an aptitude for studies. Must be enrolled at the Faculty of Theology and study to become a priest. All things equal preference is held by relative to the donor, magister Eric Simlin. The scholarship cannot be held after passing a priestly degree.


Österbergs, 1 year

Male student belonging to Uplands nation, needy and known for dedication in studies and for an honourable conduct. Should be from Tolfta parish. Preference is enjoyed by students of theology. If there are no applicants from Tolfta parish the scholarship is provided in the first instance to students of the arts and sciences or theology from other parts of Uppland, excluding the city of Uppsala, with preference enjoyd by someone from Tierp, in the second instance to student regardless of faculty from another part of Uppland, excluding the city of Uppsala, with preference enjoyed by someone from Tierp.

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