The Landskap is the highest deciding organ of the Nation. It serves the same purpose as an associations annual meetings. All members of the Nation has the right to vote at Landskap. The Landskap runs the general activities at the Nation. At the Landskap, all questions can be treated by the attending members; it can be anything from changing the statutes to electing members for positions at the Nation.

The Nation is built as a non-profit organisation, all positions are elected through votes of confidence. The meeting is lead by the elected Chairperson of the Landskap. If the chairperson can not attend, the vice chairperson steps in, and after that the First curator takes over. The meeting follows the agenda that is sent out with the summons, and the matters are treated in that order.

At every Landskap, two adjustors of the protocol and two vote counters are elected. The adjustors task is to make sure that the meeting minutes, taken during the Landskap, are accurate. After eventual corrections the protocol is signed by the adjustors, the chairperson and minutes keeper.

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The board

The board of the Nation is responsible for matters concerning the Nation’s economical and administrative dealings. The board prepares the matters for the Landskap. The board is subordinated the Landskap and consists of eight elected members, the full timers of the Nation as well as the Inspectors and the Skattmästare.

Matters for the board shall be sent to the First curator no later than eight days before the board’s next meeting. All members of the Nation has the right to bring matters to the board.

The summer board

The summer board opreates during June – August. They manage the summer activities and handle emergencies during the summer (statutes 7:11).

The property board

The property board is repsonsible for matters concerning the property and is subordinated the Landskap. The property board consists of six elected members, the Second curator and the Skattmästare.

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