Svantes Källare

Svantes Källare is the nation’s pub, named after the man, the myth, the legend, Sven Erik Wijkman. For more than 20 years, Svantes have been a popular watering hole for students and still is to this day.

The last couple of years the pub had been known for the wide selection of beverages and tasty burgers. With the five rooms in the basement of the nation, some people believe that the pub is the largest one among all the student nation pubs.

Work at Svantes

Working in Svantes is both fun and experience-giving!
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Book a table

Do you have any questions about the pub or do you want to book a table?
Contact the nation’s pub master on
 [email protected].

Opening hours for the pub

Monday–Thursday (18:00 – 00:00),
Friday–Saturday (18:00 – 01:00)

The menu at Svantes