At Uplands nation there are various events and activities such as pub activities, café activities, live music, etc.


For more than 20 years, Svantes källare has been the nation’s pub with its five rooms in the basement of the nation house, and summer garden pub during the summer months.

🔗 Read more about Svantes källare on this link.


At Ebbas café, you can get both food and fika to affordable prices. The café is open for everyone, so there is no requirement to have a Nation card.

🔗 Read more about Ebbas Café on this link.

Jazz bar

The jazz bar Livejazzbaren is a recurring and popular event where you can enjoy live jazz music at the nation during Friday evenings.

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A gask is what you call a formal dinner at the Student nations and is something you don’t want to miss during your time as a student in Uppsala.

🔗 Read more about gasks on this link.

Night clubs

The nation organises night club events with different themes, such as Latin Club which has Latin themed music.

Christmas at Uplands

Christmas at Uplands (Jul på Uplands) is a Christmas celebration which has taken place at the nation since 1969.

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Poplands is a multi-day music festival with pop and indie artists, and usually takes place in Uppsala during the Valborg celebrations (Walpurgis Night) on 30 April each year.

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