Svantes trädgård

During the summer months Svantes Källare moves out into the garden and becomes “Svantes Trädgård”. There you can enjoy good food and drinks under our beautiful linden trees. The garden is also filled with beautiful sculptures made by famous swedish artists Carl Eldh and Carl Milles.  

For those who like to stay active, we now have a boule course! Ask for the game in the outside bar. 

Summer bar

The summer bar is a regular happening every Friday and Saturday in the summer. It offers flavourful cocktails with and without alcohol. The drinks change every week so there is always something exciting to try! In june 2021 the bar was renovated by our 3Q Marcos (with some help from our librarian) and the ceiling is now waterproof! That means you can still drink cocktails in bad weather. Amazing! 

Work in svantes

Working in Svantes is both fun and experience-giving! Feel like doing it? Join our work facebook group här