Uplands Summer Bucket list

In Uppsala over the summer? Don’t know what to do? We got you covered, fam.

Old Uppsala might be best known for the characteristic grave mounds. These are thought to have been placed there between year 550 and year 625. By the mounds, there is also Gamla Uppsala Museum. The museum has been closed thorughthe pandemic, but when it opens up again it will be available from 11 – 17, from 1 June to 31 August. Students can get tickets to the museum for 60 kr, others pay 80 kr. Disagården is also nearby. That is a museum over how life in the countryside of Uppland lived during the 1800’s.

You can get to old Uppsala by walking or biking (see map below). You can also take the bus, where both bus 110 and 115 stop at Gamla Uppsala. While there, you can also visit the beach of Storvad. That is a nice beach in Fyrisån where you can have picknick or barbeque. Toilets are also available.

Gamla Uppsala Museum

Map for walking/bicycle:
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gång gamla uppsala

At Lyssnaängen you can enjoy a day by the beach on a large area with both grass and sand. At the beach you have access to a kiosk, toilets, barbeque places as well as docks. You can get here either by walking or by bike. If you prefer to go by bus, take the bus nr 11 with the closest stop at Lyssnavägen. Bring a couple of friends, some fika and enjoy a day in the water.

Map for walking/bicycle:
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cekl lyssnaängen

The Paths of Linné are following the excursions paths that Carl von Linné walked together with his students. They were immensely popular back in the day – and that for a good reason! Today they are being cared for by Uppsala kommun. Walking along them, you will find information about both flora and fauna in the area. The paths are everything from 4,7 km to 16 km long, but most of them can be adapted. Take a stroll by yourself or bring a group of friends to the beautiful countryside of Uppland!

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In the center of Uppsala, next to the river you will find the City Garden, also called the city park of Uppsala. There you will find large plantations, grass areas for picknicks, summer café and toilets. What else could you ask for? Company! The garden is so central that you easily can get there from any place in Uppsala. Take a stroll through the park to discover the entirety of its beauty.


No summer is complete without a visit to Svante’s, our very own Nation pub. This is also the only part of this bucket-list that will require a Nation card. For those of you who have that, it is well worth the visit. We have a large variety of drinks as well as food for all tastes that you can enjoy under our 200 year old linden trees. 

Svante’s garden is open Monday – Saturday with entrance from Sysslomansgatan 12.

The beautiful coastal areas of Roslagen are worth a visit in themselves but did you also know you can go eagle spotting there? Upplands regional animal is the white tailed eagle which frequents these areas. The best chance of seeing one is at Kallerö in Kallriga nature reserve. The are is part of the Natura 2000, which is a project by the EU for the protection of especially important environments for biodiversity.

You can get to the nature resvere by bus no 811 and get off at the bus stop called Kallerö vägskäl. The trip takes about 1,5 hours after which there is a walk of 2 km to get to the eagle spotting. Bring fika and binoculars, but don’t leave any trash in the nature!

The nature reserve
About Natura 2000

Wik castle is beautifully situated out on the countryside of Uppland. The castle was originally built as defense castle around 1450 but has since then gone through several renovations to achieve its current form. Around the castle is a park with paths and information about the area. During the summer, you can also visit the docks by the water for a swim.

To really get to enjoy the countryside, we suggest that you travel there by bike. The largest part of the bike-ride takes place on top of the old railway embankment. The railway embankment was used for train traffic between Enköping and Uppsala between 1912 to 1979. The remains of the railroad is well suited for bike-rides or walks. It does not go all the way to Wik, so the last part of the trip will be on asphalt. 

You can also take the bus. The bus going all the way to Wik is nr 108. You might have to change buses from 804 to 108 by the bus stop called Ramsta kyrka.

Relevanta länkar:
About Wiks Castle

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wiks slott cykel

No summer in Uppsala counts unless you have travelled on Lennakatten! Lennakatten is a museum railroad which is travelled by steam locomotive. The railroad was opened in 1876 and has since 1974 been part of museum traffic. The freight traffic was cancelled in 1977 and the railroad has since then been used by the museum organization.

The train stops at several stops, among which are the Railroad café in Marielund as well as the beach in Fjällnora. The trip starts from Uppsala Eastern Station. The tickets are from 120 kr to 220 kr, with return tickets, depending on how far you wish to travel. The tickets can be bought at the station. You can also purchase tickets onboard through Swish.

Lennakattens page

Ulva is mentioned the first time in the early 1300’s. The mill at Ulva was built in the 1750’s. Today Ulva is a popular destination for excursions because of the beautiful environment as well as the available activities. There are both restaurants and shops but you can also go there to have some barbeque or picknick next to Fyrisån.

Ulva kvarn is 8 km north of Uppsala and you can go there by bus nr 104 that leaves from Uppsala central station.

About Ulva

The river path in Enköping goes along the north side of the river. Along the path, there are plenty of parks and idea gardens created by people ranging from famous designers to students becoming gardeners. 

The gardener students create five garden rooms on a specific theme each year as part of their examination. The path is very beautiful and well worth a visit! Since the plants need time to grow the gardens are not opened until the end of June. The theme for this year’s gardens is “Wellbeing in nature”. 

Apart from the gardens, Enköping is also known for all of the parks. Also from Enköping was Dr. Westerlund who was an internationally acclaimed doctor in his time as well as an honorary member of Upland’s Nation. A bust of the doctor is situated in Skolparken to which the high school students walk each year at graduation, bringing a student hat to put on the bust. Enköping was also the home city of the inventor J. P. Johansson. He is most known for inventing the adjustable wrench and the sugar tongs. J. P. Johansson has a statue by Gustav Adolfs plan, which also happens to be the bus stop closest to the idea gardens. 

You can travel to Enköping by taking the bus 804 or 774 and getting of at Gustav Adolfs Plan.