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First curator

Sara Engman​

The First Curator administrates membership, sign-up for gasks and is the general contact person for the nation.

Phone: 070 16 28 701
Email: [email protected]

Second curator

Selma Tröen Sakovic ​

The Second Curator handles the nation economy, the nation house and our member accommodations.

Phone: 070 16 28 702
Email: [email protected]

Third curator

Tatjana Brändén​

The Third Curator handles the alcohol serving permit and is in charge of activities, like clubs, brunch etc. 

Phone: 070 16 28 703
Email: [email protected]

Kitchen master

Claudia Martinez Alquezar​

The kitchenmaster is in charge of everything related to food and hygiene at the nation.

Phone: 070 16 28 704
Email: [email protected]

Pub master

Ayush Sinha​

The pubmaster is in charge of our pub activities.

Phone: 070 16 28 705
Email: [email protected]

Rental manager

Benjamin Kangert​

Our rental manager is responsible for anything concerning rentals. This is the email to contact if you want to rent the nation for an event. 

Email: [email protected]

the nation board


Sandra Friberg​

Head of Election committee


Josefin Fällgren​

Culture chief

Catarina Leite​

Head of sports

Sebastian Sjöblom


Minna Palmgren Thun

Noémi Andras


Hedvig Hamrén-Håkansson

Alina Aquino Sahlén


Svetlana Semenova​

Rosanne Heijstek, Mina Westgren Fortune​

Tomasz Kulinski & Svetlana Semenova​​


Jul på Uplands hosts

Nils Cristiansson

Amarins de Vries

Equality officer

Melvin Walfridsson​


Mikael Arnqvist

International secretary

Joel Alarcón Julian​

Alleah Pabuayon​

Information chief

Oriol Duran & Sophia Tillgren​

The information chief is responsible for coordinating the nation’s public relations activities.

Email: [email protected]

UNB editor

Filip Hjelm​

Anna Andersson​


Sara Platon

head of discordia

Anna Carlson​

Commander of Blecket

Torbjörn Brunt​

Chief Officer of Blecket

Jonathan Bjarnason​

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