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With around 2400 members, Uplands nation is just the right size. We offer a perfect balance between culture and entertainment that helps you as a student to enhance your time in Uppsala.

In addition to discounts and study places, we can also offer scholarships and housing to our members.

Become a member today

To become a member of Uplands nation, you must be registered or admitted to Uppsala University or another university in Uppsala.

You can become a member by coming to our enrollment, visiting the first curator during office hours, or you can do it digitally on this website.

NOTE! If you make an application digitally, you must then visit the nation to be authorized.

Ask our Recce hosts

If you are a new student (a so-called recentior) in Uppsala and have questions such as what it is like to be a student, what there is to do, etc. you can contact the nation’s Recce hosts who are there to help you.

The email address of the Recce hosts is [email protected].

For membership questions

If you have questions about the membership, you can contact the nation’s First Curator at [email protected].

Video tour in the Nation house

Here you can watch a video with a tour in the nation house:

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